Equipment Servicing

The Centre benefits from a well equipped workshop and provides a variety of servicing functions.

Servicing Workshop    

EDC has the capacity to service and maintain the majority of popular regulators, BCs, BC cylinders, cylinders, cylinder valves and suit valves.

We also replace batteries on most computers and watches.

Regulator Servicing    
Regulator servicing  

The workshop's flow bench ensures the accurate setting of regulators which can be set to customers' preferred breathing resistance.

Units are stripped, ultrasonically cleaned, inspected and necessary parts replaced with original manufacturers' parts.

Every regulator is returned with a chart showing 'before and after' performance tests.

Pressure Testing    
Pressure testing  

After renewing batteries and seals on computers and watches the cases are resealed and the units tested in our pressure chamber for leaks and proper function.

Cameras and camera housings are tested in the same way.

Cylinder Filling and Servicing
Cylinder filling  

The Centre's new panels provide air, Nitrox and trimix and is one of the most advanced diving gas delivery systems in the UK. A Haskel booster is used to supply gases from low-pressure storage into high pressure cylinders.

Cylinders are visually and hydrostatically tested to BS5430 under the IDEST system. We are also equipped for cleaning and shot blasting.

All work is carried out on the premises and while we usually ask for a week in which to test cylinders, in exceptional circumstances a cylinder may be ready in a matter of hours.

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